The Reset Button: Cole Lindbergh

Horses See Ghosts . Published in April.

Horses See Ghosts. Published in April.

Busy year. When you're flogging away doing the stuff that you're meant to do, writing, welding, it's a focused flurry. Not much room for anything else. Then when that book is published and that sculpture show has opened, you come down on the graph like an S&P correction, BLAM. Running on empty it seems. Valley, not peak.

That's the time to get started on more projects, after a suitable rest. So a podcast happened. Number 44. It's up right now on Cole Lindbergh's Kansas City Podcast, and what an honor. This young guy has accomplished a lot since his even younger days at Worlds of Fun, the premiere KC entertainment park. He's the reason for a lot of the fun at that institution of rides and games. Cole is walking, talking, dancing, singing exuberance and positive energy--and what a treat to meet him. (Click here to hear podcast)

Cole, helping Worlds of Fun earn its last name...

Cole, helping Worlds of Fun earn its last name...

We took a short tour of Wise Acres then settled into my quiet loft office upstairs in Freddie's studio building in back of the main house. I had listened to him on "This American Life" and his own podcast, and wanted to meet him, see if some of his sparkle and verve might be catching. I forgot there were microphones and a recorder as we talked. You'd think that a serial extrovert like Cole might unnerve a brooding solitudinarian, but this was a fresh fun couple of hours, indeed.

His podcast subjects range from talented rappers to paranormal investigators and everything in between; their shared commonality being they are Kansas City born. I'm off his beaten path, fifty miles south in Resume Speed, Kansas, but out he came on a Friday afternoon, helping to kick off the Memorial Day long weekend. What a reset button this guy is. If you need a lift, check out his blog and especially some of the videos of him singing, dancing and performing signature Lindbergh antics.

Not that he doesn't take anything seriously, of course he does. His concerns match many of yours, but his main cables and gears are those of a great ride at a very amusing amusement park. His earliest desire was to be an imagineer at Disney Studios. I think he's something beyond that. An imagineer of his own effervescent life journey. And a potent reminder, if this thing is only a one-time deal, have some fun along the way.